General procedures to note with regards to permits:

  • Applications for new permits, including renewals, extensions and amendments of issued permits must be done through the Non-Proliferation Council Online System;
  • The Non-Proliferation Council Online System will allow requests for permit extensions and amendments to be processed before the issued permit has expired and deviations of up to 15% of approved quantities may be considered for already used permits;
  • Permits approval process takes between 6 to 8 weeks but depending on the complexity of the application, the application may take a longer time and applicants will be notified in such instances through an email from the Non-Proliferation Secretariat;
  • Applicants will receive notification in their emails through the Non-Proliferation Council Online System when Council has approved the permits;
  • Permits can be collected from the Non-Proliferation Secretariat after notification is received;
  • The pink original permit must be returned to the Non-Proliferation Secretariat within 30 days after the expiry of the permit; and
  • In order to facilitate and address enquiries from the Non-Proliferation Secretariat, companies are required to keep the endorsed Bill of Entry/Export every time it is used for transfers on an Open Multiple Export/Import Permit.